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January 20, 2013
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You were running. The grunts and growls of the monster chasing you echo'd throughout the forests around you.

Darkness flooded your thoughts as you ran.

All looked familiar. The same dark tree's, the same bright full moon illuminating what it could for you to be able to see.

Its grunts had grown louder. All around you you could hear growls. See eyes of all sorts and colors. Blinking. Watching. Staring.

You could now see a small light at the end of what seemed to be hell itself.

Seconds before you could finally escape, you trip.

"Fuck" you growl out.

Fumbling to get up you were caught at the ankle.

"NO!" You sobbed taring at the grass. "NO. HELP." You screamed.

The beast flipped you over so now he was facing you, and smirked. The thing kept its eyes closed. But it felt as if it was still staring at you. Its fangs were elongated, looking like they were ready to tear you open any second.


Something called your name and the beast growled, anger showing on its deformed face. Slowly his eye's started opening.

"......[Name...... Wake...up..."

Was it calling your name? Now It eyes were fully opened. all you saw were red irises

Your eye lids flung open, only to open up to a different set of red orbs. Nearly stopping your heart. You let out a loud scream and pushed yourself from the person.

"[NAME]! Woahh! Chill. Dont freak out.. It was only a dream." You recognized the voice of your lover Dave.

"D-dave..." you whimpered, stumbling back into the arms of the man you knew would never harm you in any way, shape, or form.

"shhh" he hummed, wrapping you up into a strong hold, resting his chin on your head. "Do you want to talk about it..?" he whispered, Nuzzling his head to yours.

"N-no.. Did I wake you?" you sighed. Sleep already taking you again.

"No.. Well, yah.. It was a pretty bad nightmare, huh? You were screaming and twitching a lot.. You scared the cool nearly out of me..."

"Sorry..." you mumbled.

"Its cool." He began kissing up and down your neck. trying to soothe you just alittle more, enough for you to be coaxed back into sleep.

"Oh..." you yawned.

"[Name].. You know I wouldnt let anything hurt you.. ever. right...?" He whispered, resting his head on your shoulder.

"Mmmhmmm" you hummed, sleep already getting the best of you, tugging you at its attractive softness.

You were drifting quickly and ,for once in that night, you felt safe. Almost barely missing his last couple words.

"I love you..."


Request for :iconfinland52:

I hope you like it... Tho at first it isnt really fluffy.. Heh.. Sorry!

Picture- [link]

You - :icondavestrider:

Dave strider belongs to Hussie.....HOMESTUCK.FUCK.
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